Into The Fray

from by The Heavy Guilt

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Has it been that long
That song of silence
Hits so strong black cup of coffee
Wake my veins
And put this pain off for a day

My battery’s been drained
Things that you used to say refrain
You were a stranger till you strayed
Into the fray I called your name

It echoes outwards past the graves
And through the canyons til it quakes
And bends the sky until it breaks
Just like the heart I tried to save

Scars are hard to heal
Hard to bear and to conceal
And it’s too late to say you feel
Unless it’s real but I can’t wait

Honey shake my soul
Just like a seizure
I believe in non believers
I have needs, but at your leisure
Take your time

Decisions hard as hell
To choose correctly
When your visions will reject the
Things you love and don’t possess
We made our minds

As certain as skyscrapers
Quaking earth will make them waiver
You’re the last breath that I savored
Saved yourself left me behind

Submerged in all this nothing
I’ll be searching
For that something
Through the ever
For the one thing
But won’t make it out alive

And I don’t know no more
No wars are worth this
They serve no purpose
Sitting stranded panicked
Nervous through the fight

Under pale sky
Burning down my retinas
Heaven’s not here
To protect us
I’ve seen God’s cold hand
Neglect us in the night

So all I need’s my heart
To beat the right one
Beat them down
Before the light comes
Creeping cross
The brave horizon
Brand new day

And I will watch this red sun
Rise from prison
Keeping my thoughts
Locked and hidden
Til somebody
Shares my vision I’ll just say

Come on please
Hear my needs
And believe
Somewhere that we...


from The Heavy Guilt, track released April 2, 2013
The Heavy Guilt
Erik Canzona
Sean Martin
Josh Rice
Jason Littlefield
Jenny Merullo
Alfred Howard

© 2013 The Heavy Guilt. All rights reserved.



all rights reserved


The Heavy Guilt San Diego

The Heavy Guilt is rock in all its shades and tints, heavy and dynamic, haunting and sparse, the past looking forward.

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