The Heavy Guilt

by The Heavy Guilt

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The third album from The Heavy Guilt

© 2013 The Heavy Guilt. All rights reserved.


released April 2, 2013


Erik Canzona
Sean Martin
Josh Rice
Jason Littlefield
Jenny Merullo
Alfred Howard



all rights reserved


The Heavy Guilt San Diego

The Heavy Guilt is rock in all its shades and tints, heavy and dynamic, haunting and sparse, the past looking forward.

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Track Name: Run In Circles
Once I was running to you
But time, time, time
Has got me running from you

Cold canyons in the dead of night
Slow shadows
In the searching lights
Huntin me down

Midnight on the boulevard
Fallin soldiers
Life is hard
I’m done with
This town

I’m born to run in circles
To be found and in hiding
It’s all just back and forth again

Been down a million empty
Streets, everyone was tempting
I wrote my name against the wind

I’ve found the center of night
No, no, no
I’ve never needed your light

I got a heart that I can’t control
In the dark dawn of the soul
It’s wild and free

Can’t tame what you cannot catch
And I’ll dare you to do your best
Cause your blind to me

You wrote your spell in the deep
Along the edge of a dream

And I can’t sleep no more
And I can’t fight no war

I read the words you had left
I’ve had enough of your breath

If you won’t set me free
I’ll find a way to leave

Seems I’ll be runnin
For life
Born, I’ve been born
Along the edge of this knife

Keeps blood movin
Through my veins
Got these green eyes full of flames
And they’re set on you

Can’t tell if they’ll burn you down
Don’t know if they’ll turn you round
Their own brand of truth
Track Name: Summer Came
When you’re feeling low and cold
Taking sides with all you know
Something new calls out to you
But you slam the door shut cause you want

Nothing more than left alone
Desert clouds and hollow bones
Halfway out you’re halfway home
Every step is slowly unfolding

Summer came and went again
Simple things like grains of sand
When the games come to an end
When the youth slips through your hands

Winter wounds so slow to heal
When the truth has been concealed
What is left to be revealed
Is there nothing you can feel

Did you come too far too fast
Don’t forget the name you had
You’re tethered to a crippled past
It’s like a cast, it’s holding you back

It didn’t kill but wore you down
Born still but still around
New skin on stable ground
Stronger than the chains that have bound you
Track Name: Goin' Home
Red brick buildings
Old train tracks
Get that feeling
Bring it back
Holland tunnel
By smoke stacks
Ramble on and
Cut some slack

Going home
Coming back
Just don’t know how long
It’s been some years
Worn down some soles
And sung so many songs

Know these footsteps
Met before
Got no key but
Old screen door
To yesterdays
And lemonade
I had some doubts
But had it made

On this side street
Hiding out
Headed home
Somewhere south
Down this river
Past this lake
At this red light
Cannot wait
Track Name: Before The Fall
I feel them coming
Coming after me
No sense in running
Never get free
It’s time to face up
Pay the toll at hand
It’s time to wake up
They make it hard
For an honest man

It’s a long time coming
Fumbling down this road
In these urban wilds
Only shoulders cold
There are debt collectors
Weighing out my worth
What you called a blessing
Is cruel and closer to a curse

I’ve paid my dues
And I’ve paid you too
And I will break through
Your wicked wall
Where’s the ebb and flow
This much I know
There’s nowhere left to go
Before the fall

Should have never came here
Should have never left
Gonna lay my blame here
Gonna own your breath

I don’t want to fight you
But I’m not one to fold
I don’t need this night to
Bear down on my soul
Too late for forgiveness
Wish we never crossed
A world where I don’t know you
And I don’t owe you
Count it as a loss
Track Name: Call Me
Honey heartbeat enemy
Call me and I’ll come running
Nameless and strained memories
Call me and I’ll come running

I die inside you
Born again
Starving wind
Release me

Thirsty thoughts
And trashcan gems
Nothing left
To teach you

Stumble on
Through vacant dawn
Beyond the
Bleak horizon

Walking under
Iron drums
Humming, Running,

Ink on shirts
Until it hurts
Clouds are quickly

Wrapped around
My memory
Haunting, storming, stunning

Stuck in places
Far from reach
One coastline
To another

But hum the same
Lost melodies
To ease it
When we suffer

Curse the cures
The quickest fix
The temporary nothing
Silence slithers lashes
Slips away
And leaves a wanting

The hole you fill
The dark you kill
Your ghost is still alluring
Runing twisting
Faint and whistling
And calling with such fury
Track Name: If You
If you find a way to do
All those things you wanted to
Will you tell me how to try
Try to follow through this time

When you finally catch a break
In the waters that you wade
Will you remember all your friends
Pathways all to different ends

You had plans large as the sky
You reached further than my eyes

I wish I could start it all again
Find my place
Finally make amends

How can I bait you back home
Simple things you used to know
Empty without your laugh around
Just don’t feel like the same town
Track Name: Next To Know
Lord I keep coming back for air
Kick against the gates of dawn
With flooded lungs
I saw you standing there
You’ve been a witness
For all my petty crimes
You try to look the other way
But every single time I catch your eye

I’ve been trying
To cast my line and do what’s right
Take a guess and choose a side
It ain’t my fault they never made a guide
Been a burden
I know cause I’ve had my share
Been a stray that lost his way
Swaying in the winds of no one cares

And I get sick of sickness too
In spite of all the things you do to save me
Always know the price you pay
Is steeper now than it was yesterday

I’ve been drowning in my mind
See the hill I’ve yet to climb
Surfacing and it reminds me
I thought I better let you know

I been confused
through all of this
Throwing clues
and catching fists
and I got a list
I need to be
the next to know

So regardless
Where we go
get intertwined
Bound in blood, in love,
through flood
If I get lost I know
you’re gonna find
So the details
When all is said
and done
No ordinary obituary’s
Gonna capture all
we did around the sun
Track Name: Into The Fray
Has it been that long
That song of silence
Hits so strong black cup of coffee
Wake my veins
And put this pain off for a day

My battery’s been drained
Things that you used to say refrain
You were a stranger till you strayed
Into the fray I called your name

It echoes outwards past the graves
And through the canyons til it quakes
And bends the sky until it breaks
Just like the heart I tried to save

Scars are hard to heal
Hard to bear and to conceal
And it’s too late to say you feel
Unless it’s real but I can’t wait

Honey shake my soul
Just like a seizure
I believe in non believers
I have needs, but at your leisure
Take your time

Decisions hard as hell
To choose correctly
When your visions will reject the
Things you love and don’t possess
We made our minds

As certain as skyscrapers
Quaking earth will make them waiver
You’re the last breath that I savored
Saved yourself left me behind

Submerged in all this nothing
I’ll be searching
For that something
Through the ever
For the one thing
But won’t make it out alive

And I don’t know no more
No wars are worth this
They serve no purpose
Sitting stranded panicked
Nervous through the fight

Under pale sky
Burning down my retinas
Heaven’s not here
To protect us
I’ve seen God’s cold hand
Neglect us in the night

So all I need’s my heart
To beat the right one
Beat them down
Before the light comes
Creeping cross
The brave horizon
Brand new day

And I will watch this red sun
Rise from prison
Keeping my thoughts
Locked and hidden
Til somebody
Shares my vision I’ll just say

Come on please
Hear my needs
And believe
Somewhere that we...
Track Name: God Burning Eyes
She has god burning eyes
Ruby dawn fasting thighs
Unaware of the weight
That she wears everyday
When she speaks, speaks like a cat
Simple sentence thunderclap
Drop of rain ripples out
Morning whispers evening shouts

She keeps to herself
She won’t take on any help
Though the world would come runnin
If she admitted she needed something
Crippled car for a heart
Full tank yet to start
Not an artist but she’s art
Now she’s gone and it’s god damned hard

I’ll wish for you always
But I know what that means
Framed in our lost hallways
Crooked corridors of dreams

You bring forward back
Bring it back to me
You were as much mine
As could never be
Run free once again
Turn round on a dime
Branded by your eyes
Burning coals and iron

On the deep edge of night
All you see is her eyes
She brings balance down below
Balance you could never find
Breaks the ground where you stand
Holds your heart in her hand
Calls your bluff every round
Want to fold but you can’t
Track Name: Seattle
Drove far as Seattle
To settle your shadow
Still question my battles
And what’s worth the trying
Soul bare as my tires
Worn wires are fraying
Court what final fire
Still flames at the days end

Sirens my rearview
Stress my heart beating
Decisions are mocking
Second chances too fleeting
Cobblestone vibrations
Shake my head aching
Caught up in your orbit
See no signs of escaping

Yeah, I’m scared of death just like the rest
I fear alone and broken hearted
Scared of you, of truce and truth
And how this all got started

I’m stitched in your time
Etched on your mind, in the veins of your hand
That’s why we fail as we try
Frail as the lines that we drew in the sand
I need you to stand

Come to me this evening
What’s left for the losing
Where’s the point in leaving
I see no harm in your choosing
One way or another
Symmetry in hiding
Got secrets in closets
I see your skeletons rising
Track Name: A Little Truth
Gotta a little truth left
As it all filters through
Was it something I said
Wasn’t aimed at you
My arrows in storage
My bows bent til broke
Maybe you misheard me
Maybe I misspoke

Gonna try for the win now
Gonna get this one right
Gonna to take one last spin now
Kiss the city goodnight
All the lights never ending
Not a star in the sky
If this time’s not for spending
Then I’d be surprised

So will I ever escape you
Or will I ever try
It’s not as simple as driving
And never arriving
At your border line
And all of these questions
All these roads with no map
I’ll do my best guessing
Put it all up to chance
Track Name: Thoughts
Break up in the wind
Some begin again
Some get lost deep in the cracks of time
Hollow heavy weight
Food for empty plates
Meaning for a fleeting peace of mind

Breath I guess it has its reasons though I’m really needing something else
Somewhere that I don’t believe in between where we stood and where we fell
It’s just as well we sink in silent shadow surface at a better time
Though I’ll always miss that fleeting instant when I thought that you were mine

Don’t know which to take
That’s the grand debate
Options not an option offered up
Toast up to a truth
Sip some for your youth
Do not contemplate what’s in the cup

Wait for common sense
Wait for consequence
To fall upon the shoulders down the course
Pray if that’s your way
Soak in sun and say
Shine a ray and show the hidden source